Start a Church Online LifeGroup

You're designed to live in community.

You can face life with the kind of love and support God has in mind for you. Now is the perfect time to find or start a LifeGroup that fits your schedule and season of life.

Start a LifeGroup either in person or completely online! There are 3 types of LifeGroups you can choose from:

  • Service: people who attend the same Church Online service

  • Interest: people who share a hobby or season of life

  • Location: people who live near one another


steven glenn


"Church Online makes it so easy to have a LifeGroup. All I did was make some coffee, open my home, and God did the rest."



"Leading a LifeGroup means I get to meet people from all around the world! I get the opportunity to do life and grow with others!"

Justin Roberts


"Church Online is my tribe, my people, my family, and my friends. The men in my LifeGroup definitely make doing this thing called life a great thing!"